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Pervasive connectivity

For first responders, Staying Connected means saving lives

High Power User Equipment (HPUE) from Assured Wireless is based on patented technology that leverages the best connectivity solution for LTE: Power Class 1. Our designs empower next-generation public safety LTE devices, including smartphones and mobile routers, to transmit at 1.25 watts. That’s over 6 TIMES the power of standard LTE devices.

Our solutions equalize the LTE link so that dropped connections are infrequent and missions can be accomplished and remotely monitored with confidence. Assured Wireless solutions meet rigorous 3GPP mobile standards and will not interfere with adjacent services, and that’s no easy feat from a design perspective. Contact our team to learn more about our purpose-built, high power offerings for the public safety sector.

Best in Range, Coverage, Penetration and Capacity


Connect with Confidence

Reliably connects IP over USB to 4G LTE wireless networks with onboard GPS and location services.

Purpose-built for First Responders

3GPP Release 12+ with Band 14 output power of 1.25W (Class 1)

Expect More

Our HPUE Extended Coverage technology triples the coverage area of an LTE base station