High-Power Connectivity Products

Marketed as FirstNet® MegaRange™ by AT&T, High Power User Equipment (HPUE) from Assured Wireless is patented technology that is the highest power LTE product in the marketplace today. Our designs empower next-generation public safety devices, including smartphones and mobile routers, to transmit at 1.25 Watts. That’s over 6 TIMES the power of standard LTE devices.

Our solutions equalize the LTE link so that dropped connections are infrequent and missions can be accomplished and remotely monitored with confidence. Assured Wireless solutions meet rigorous 3GPP mobile standards and will not interfere with adjacent services. Contact our team to learn more about our purpose-built, high power offerings for the public safety sector.

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AW12 High Power LTE Modem

Assured Wireless Corporation, the leader in HPUE technology is pleased to introduce the AW12 High Power USB Modem. It utilizes patented HPUE technology to provide significantly enhanced LTE range, coverage, and data speed requirements for high power units built for FirstNet™ MegaRange®.

AW12-EI USB-to-Ethernet Converter

The AW12-EI is our power conditioner converter which provides seamless integration of the AW12 USB modem with standard Ethernet-connected routers, gateways and switches. To assure a high-speed connection to associated LAN devices, a Gigabit Ethernet connection is provided that also includes Type 2 PoE capability to power the unit and associated AW12.

AW12 + AW12-EI Installation Kit

This installation platform for fixed and mobile environments provides a reliable Ethernet connection for routers, gateways, switches, and laptops.

AW12 MegaGo Case (Beta)

The MegaGo case includes our patented AW12 HPUE technology, custom-designed 14 integrated antenna, a rechargeable battery pack, and Wi-Fi hot spot, all integrated into a ruggedized waterproof go case.

AW12-HP High Power LTE Module

The AW12-HP was architected for the specific use cases of first responders and designed with patented wireless connectivity technology to provide significantly enhanced LTE range, coverage and data speeds. This modem is designed to meet all 3GPP and FCC requirements as a Power Class 1 (HPUE) device on LTE Band 14 and Power Class 3 (standard power) on other bands. It provides CAT12 data rates up to 600 Mb/s download and 150 Mb/s upload.

AW12 Series Accessories

We have designed our products to be installed in a variety of fixed/mobile environments. Visit this page to see the latest Assured Wireless accessory products and replacement parts.

AW12 Compatible Antennas

Assured Wireless works with leading RF innovators to build out the Band 14 ecosystem for the HPUE community. Check out the latest HPUE antennas that are designed for optimal use with our AW12 High Power USB Modem.