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New levels of connectivity and new layers of visibility

The vision of Assured Wireless is to develop technology, products and services that provide our public safety first responders with the most reliably connected broadband wireless devices that stay connected even in the most challenging environments. Our products extend the range and reach of user devices to work in the most remote areas and deep inside structures where other devices fail to connect. This unprecedented level of communication reliability enables first responders to confidently take advantage of a suite of mission-specific situational awareness apps and services that allow them to complete their mission more effectively, efficiently, and safely.

Real-Time situational awareness

FirstNet carries high-speed data, including images and video that will help firefighters and medical responders save lives. Our High Power User Equipment ensures responders will have the coverage to achieve their mission with superior range, coverage, and penetration.

Interagency communications

By sharing and re-broadcasting real-time conditional and contextual information, all first responder agencies and ad-hoc emergency units will be able to make more informed decisions.

Resource tracking and management

Traffic management systems with real-time weather, visibility, and congestion deatil are powerful enhancements enabled by HPUE. Road network data, geo-spatial information and asset traceability features will bring clarity to all mission critical initiatives.

Video streaming and broadcasting

FirstNet allows responders to quickly share secure, high-quality video via high-capacity connections, and without congestion. HPUE delivers the best connections with superior uplink headroom in tall buildings, underground parking lots, rural mountains and waterways.

Location and navigation services

For first responders, it is vital to have location-aware data in any indoor or outdoor scenario, with both pinpoint positioning and navigation detail in harsh environments due to multipath mitigation and accurate height/altitude positioning.

Biometrics and health monitoring

Remote biometrics and health monitoring for emergency responders and the people they serve depends upon reliable, real-time communications. Our HPUE delivers the communication headroom necessary for responders to leverage the latest life-saving technology.