Rapid Deployment Portable Case

The MegaGo case includes our patented AW12 HPUE technology, custom-designed Band 14 integrated antenna, a rechargeable battery pack and a Wi-Fi hot spot.

Part number: AW12-MEGAGO-O (orange)
AW12-MEGAGO-B (black)

Now, first responders can take AT&T FirstNet MegaRange technology with them wherever they go. The MegaGo case from Assured Wireless gives first responders the rapid deployment and portability they need to instantly achieve the most reliable on-scene FirstNet broadband communications.

The MegaGo case includes our patented AW12 HPUE technology, custom-designed Band 14 integrated antenna, a rechargeable battery pack, and Wi-Fi hot spot, all integrated into a ruggedized waterproof go case.

LTE Modem
Frequencies All FirstNet AT&T bands
Tx Power Power Class 1 (HPUE) Band 14
Throughput 600 MB/S download 150 MB/S upload
Positioning GNSS/GPS
Control Network management
Standards 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n

5.8 GHz 802.11a/n/ac

Connections Ethernet Ports
Internal Battery
Operation 12 hours nominal
Charging AC or DC
Integrated High-Gain Antennas (Case Lid)
LTE (3) LTE antennas
Wi-Fi (2) Wi-Fi antennas
GPS (1) GPS antenna
Case Specifications
Dimensions 18.7 x 14.8 x 7 inches
Environmental IP67 when operating (closed)
Temperature -30 to +65C


Is the Assured Wireless MegaGo difficult to operate?
No. One button operation (On/Off) is all that is required. The MegaGo has been preprogrammed to automatically connect to FirstNet. The network automatically selects the LTE band and tells the MegaGo to activate MegaRange power as required. The SSID and password for Wi-Fi operation are written on the inside of the case.

Should the Assured Wireless MegaGo be operated with the case open or closed?
The MegaGo case should be operated with the case closed. This protects the internal circuits from the elements.  The built-in antennas are oriented so that they have best performance with the lid closed and the MegaGo case is placed flat on any surface.

Does the MegaGo require external antennas?
No. The MegaGo case has high performance antenna array mounted in the case lid. This includes a high-performance antenna for MegaRange operation on Band 14.

How do I know how much battery charge is left?
The MegaRange case includes a digital display with the percentage of charge left in the battery. The battery will typically operate the MegaGo for 12-14 hours in normal operating conditions.

How long does it take to fully recharge the MegaGo battery?
To recharge a fully discharged MegaGo battery it will typically take six hours from the ac/dc adapter included with the case.

Can I operate the MegaGo while recharging the battery?
Yes, the MegaGo can be used while charging as long as the battery is above 20% capacity.

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