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High Power LTE Module

The AW12-HP High Power LTE module from Assured Wireless is designed to meet all 3GPP and FCC requirements as a Power Class 1 (HPUE) device on LTE Band 14 and Power Class 3 (Standard Power) on other bands.  The AW12-HP is FirstNet Ready.

Part number: AW12-HP

Assured Wireless Corporation, the leader in High Power User Equipment (HPUE) innovation, is pleased to introduce the AWC12-HP LTE Modem Module.

The AW12-HP was architected for the specific use cases of first responders and designed with patented wireless connectivity technology to provide significantly enhanced LTE range, coverage and data speeds. This modem is designed to meet all 3GPP and FCC requirements as a Power Class 1 (HPUE) device on LTE Band 14 and Power Class 3 (standard power) on other bands. It provides CAT12 data rates up to 600 Mb/s download and 150 Mb/s upload.

The AWC12 form factor, power efficiency and thermal characteristics have been optimized for use in OEM devices. It operates from +5 to +12 VDC and includes USB and SIM signaling. This first-of-its-kind module provides high power LTE communications for greater range, higher data rates and better inbuilding coverage. Using our advanced technology, the effective transmitted power is 6 times higher on FirstNet than conventional portable LTE user equipment. It extends the range of the LTE coverage by 80% relative to standard-power LTE devices ensuring reliable, mission-critical coverage in the most difficult conditions such as basements, parking garages, urban canyons and cell-edge coverage areas. The AW12-HP from Assured Wireless will meet or exceed the critical requirements of public safety agencies and emergency services organizations. It is ideal for next-generation OEM products that serve mission-critical first responder applications.

Enhanced Features
Certifications FCC, PTCRB, 3GPP, and AT&T FirstNet Ready
MIMO 2×2, 4×2
Firmware upgrade Delta firmware over-the-air (DFOTA)
Power +5 to +12Vdc nominal power
3GPP Release 12+
Output power for Band 14 1.25W (Power Class 1)
Output power for Band 2, 4, 5, 12, (17), 29, 30, and 66 200mW (Power Class 3)
Transmit bandwidth 1.4MHz through 200MHz
WCDMA fallback Bands 2, 4, and 5
Location Aware
Positioning GNSS 72 Channel, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo
Sensitivity -167 dBm
Antenna support active GNSS
SIM 3FF Micro SIM card support
RF connector 4 SMA (3 cellular, 1 GPS)
Environmental and Physical
Operating temperature -30°C to +65°C (-22°F to +149°F)
Dimensions  3.23” x 2.83” x 0.39” (82mm x 72mm x 10mm)

What is HPUE?

HPUE High Power User Equipment is a special class of user equipment for the LTE cellular network that increases device transmission power by six times. This results in increases in range, coverage, uplink speeds and connectivity. The 3GPP international mobile broadband standards group has defined HPUE as Power Class 1.

What standards define HPUE?

HPUE has defined High Power User Equipment by the 3GPP international mobile broadband standards group as Power Class 1, which has +31 dBm power output (1.25 Watts) as opposed to the normal Power Class 3, which is + 23 dBm (200 mW). Just to confuse things, one of the domestic carriers implemented Power Class 2 (+26 dBm, 400 mW) on their highest frequency bands to make up for propagation losses, compared to their lower frequencies. They have called it High Performance User Equipment and is also using the abbreviation “HPUE”. Please do not mix the two!

What are the benefits of HPUE?

LTE Band 14 is in the 700 MHz “sweet spot” of the LTE bands so it inherently has much better range and coverage than the higher frequency LTE bands. In addition, the use of HPUE has been shown in field tests to increase the range of standard Band 14 LTE signals by 80% and more than triple the coverage area of a base station. In addition, even at shorter distances, the reserve power provided by HPUE can optimize the signal to provide significant improvements in data speeds, especially in uplink speeds from the field. Uplink speeds are especially important to First Responders when streaming and/or uploading videos and other data-intensive communications from the field.

Who is authorized to use HPUE?

HPUE is only authorized in the US on LTE Band 14. This LTE band was reserved for First Responders and was assigned to FirstNet. AT&T was the successful contractor in the FirstNet bidding process and now has exclusive access to Band 14. They have given FirstNet users priority on this band.

Can users outside of Public Safety use Band 14?

Yes. HPUE capability can be especially useful for Enterprise users operating in fringe coverage areas, areas of poor coverage, or inside buildings. All AT&T customers can utilize this band, subject to priority and preemption for First Responders.

Who should consider using HPUE?

All customers can see benefits from HPUE, especially in optimizing uplink data speeds. However, the customers that will see the greatest benefit will be those that operate at the fringes of existing coverage or those that have previously been unable to connect outside of the normal coverage area. This also includes areas deep in buildings, basements, parking garages and other areas where coverage has been a problem.

What devices are available to utilize HPUE?

HPUE is currently available for use in mobile and fixed devices. Assured Wireless Corp has released two products – the primary device is a small modem that can be conveniently plugged into existing routers, gateways and other devices requiring LTE wireless access. The other device is a small embedded module that can be incorporated into the design of routers, gateways and other devices requiring LTE wireless access as well as devices.

For OEM inquires, please contact Assured Wireless directly HERE. By filling out the Get In Touch form on our Contact page, you will be connected to our Sales Team.