Compatible HPUE Antennas

Airgain CENTURION™ AW12 High-Performance External IP67 Antenna

The CENTURION AW12 from Airgain is designed for mating with our AW12 modem. It is a full outdoor vehicle antenna designed specifically to provide high-performance connectivity for public safety and fleet vehicles, and assets. This antenna is configurable and offers three high gain cellular/LTE/MIMO antennas, which include support for the LTE Band 14 first responder network, optionally two or three high gain Wi-Fi antennas, and optionally one GNSS antenna inside a single robust and compact housing. This antenna, with its three wideband cellular/LTE elements, has been designed to support the AW12 LTE HPUE modem.

Parsec Belgian Shepherd (HPUE) External Antenna

Parsec’s Belgian Shepherd HPUE edition is a compact four-in-one MIMO LTE, Band 14, and GNSS external waterproof antenna. The High-Power User Equipment (HPUE) capable Belgian Shepherd provides the greatest connections in areas where typical data connectivity is unreliable, such as rural areas, or urban coverage holes.