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Assured Wireless Accessories

Please purchase accessories through your authorized Assured Wireless reseller.

DescriptionCable LengthPart Number
AW12-DE USB Modem Cables
DC power cable3mAW12-DCPC-2PM2UN-3
USB screw tight cable2mAW12-USB-AMN2CMS-2
AW12-PC-EI Ethernet Converter Cables
DC power/sense cable3mAW12-DCPC-4PM2UN-3
USB screw tight cable2mAW12-USB-AMS2CMS-2
DC power cable2mAW12-DCPC-2PM2BC-2
AW12+AW12-EI Vehicle Installation Kit Cables
DC power cable200 mmAW12-PCDC-2PM-200mm
USB cable200 mmAW12-USB-AM2CM-200mm
AC Wall Adapters
With power cable for AW122mAW12-DE-AWA-ACOUT
With power cable for AW12-PC-EI2mAW12-PC-EI-AWA-ACOUT