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Assured Wireless and HPUE


Assured Wireless Corporation was founded to deliver mission critical wireless communications solutions for the most demanding environments. We design technology, products and services that enable pervasive connectivity among public sector service providers and first responders including police departments, fire and rescue agencies and the wide spectrum of emergency services organizations and critical enterprises. Assured Wireless offers a family of patented, high-power user equipment (HPUE) solutions that provide significantly enhanced LTE range, coverage, and data speeds. Our solutions extend the range and reach of user devices so that they perform in the most remote areas, and deep inside structures where other devices fail to connect. We believe that ultra-reliable wireless connectivity is the cornerstone that will enable the mission-specific situational awareness apps and services from next-generation public safety network architects.

When was the company founded?

Wireless industry veterans Tom Bilotta, Steve Morley, Bob LaRose and Ed Lin established the company in 2016 to address the void that has separated first responder organizations from each other. The Assured Wireless team is attacking difficult design and engineering challenges to deliver industry-first enabling technology which will drive persistent, real-time, inter-agency communications and collaboration using broadband mobile networks. The founders, and the executive team that they assembled, have extensive career successes in wireless connectivity. Assured Wireless was funded by company principals and angel investors with deep ties to the wireless community, particularly in San Diego.

What is HPUE?

HPUE stands for High Power User Equipment.  The international wireless standards group known as the 3GPP defined HPUE as power class 1, which has +31 dBm power output as opposed to a normal handset at +23 dBm. Our solutions offer more than 6 times the power as each 3 dBm is double the power. With sophisticated power management techniques, transmission approaches and RF engineering methods which eliminate interference, our HPUE devices reach 80% further and provide higher throughput closer to the cell than traditional phones. Sprint, a former U.S. commercial wireless carrier, has implemented a solution that is also known as HPUE. This sometimes creates confusion. Sprint has used power class 2 (+26 dBm) on its highest frequency bands to make up for radio link losses due to the high frequencies that do not travel as far. The carrier has called it High “Performance” User Equipment and uses the HPUE acronym.

Who is authorized to use HPUE?

Currently, HPUE is authorized in the U.S. on Long Term Evolution (LTE) band 14. This LTE band is prioritized for public safety and assigned to AT&T. Public safety users have priority on this band, however, all other AT&T customers can also use this band. HPUE capability can be especially useful for enterprise users operating in fringe coverage areas, areas of poor coverage or inside buildings. In its simplest form, anywhere there are less than “five bars”, HPUE can provide better throughput and connectivity.

What are the benefits of HPUE?

HPUE operates in the 700 MHz sweet spot of the LTE bands, so it inherently has better range and coverage than the higher frequency LTE bands. In addition, the use of HPUE has been shown in field tests to increase the range of standard handsets by 80% – which triples the coverage area that our customers experience. Even at shorter distances, the reserve power provided by HPUE optimizes the signal to significantly improve data speeds, especially uplink speeds where webcams and other bandwidth intensive tasks need solid speed.

What types of HPUE products does Assured Wireless Develop?

In collaboration with AT&T, we have developed the industry’s first high power connectivity products for first responders.

The AW12 High Power USB LTE Modem is a small, standalone device that operates on all AT&T bands and is added to existing field routers to deliver HPUE connectivity through either a USB or ethernet port.

For OEMs, the AW12-HP High Power LTE Module is a small LTE module that can be embedded into routers and IoT devices to enable high-power connectivity. By incorporating the module into the latest designs, OEMs serving critical communications markets can build world-class products using industry standard interfaces.

Do you have patents?

Yes, we have multiple patents on our technology issued by the Patent and Trademark Office in the U.S. and other, similar patent offices around the globe.

What was the motivation to start this journey?

Assured Wireless was founded with intention to apply the most appropriate technology advances to the most vexing communications challenges that have stressed first responders. Hurricane Katrina, the 9/11 attacks, Hurricane Maria, the California wildfires and other large-scale catastrophes result in a near-annual reevaluation of emergency response programs that need to quickly react to both natural and man-made disasters wherever they occur. Every flood, tornado, hurricane, power outage, shooting incident, earthquake or building collapse puts a recurring spotlight on the shortfalls and incompatibilities of traditional wireless infrastructure(s). And the story repeats. Even day-to-day incidents from fender benders on the freeway to non- life-threatening trips in an ambulance highlight the lack of strong wireless connections in cell-edge rural areas and deep within buildings and parking garages. In addition, the wide spectrum of emergency response teams and first responders are often using communications platforms and networks that cannot speak to each other in the most mission-critical circumstances.

It is within this era of fast-advancing 4G and 5G wireless technology development and an ever-growing separation between and among the spectrum of police, fire, EMS, search and rescue, government response teams and medical organizations that Assured Wireless has emerged.

What devices will be available to utilize HPUE?

Initially HPUE will be available for use in mobile and fixed devices. Assured Wireless Corp is releasing two products – an embeddable module that can be installed inside of routers, gateways and other devices requiring LTE wireless access as well as a USB device that can be conveniently plugged into existing routers, gateways and other devices requiring LTE wireless access.

Is Assured Wireless active in sectors beyond LTE Band 14 and first responder market?

We are actively researching applications for other private and public networks, 5G, CBRS Priority Access Licenses (PALs), critical enterprise communications, next-generation public Wi-Fi and other markets where network evolution meets emerging industry standards at the confluence of licensed spectrum, unlicensed spectrum and shared spectrum.