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FirstNet MegaRange $600 Instant Credit - Now in Effect!

Purchase any AW12 Product (MegaFixed, MegaMobile, or MegaGO) and receive $600 instant credit from FirstNet.

Assured Wireless is now part of Nextivity.

Wireless connections interface with our daily lives in so many ways that we often take them for granted. A recent surge in innovation is being applied to advanced connectivity solutions for first responders like police, EMT, fire and rescue personnel. Assured Wireless is at the forefront of this new wave in public sector communications.

High power user equipment (HPUE) breakthroughs from the team at Assured Wireless are driving innovation from the test labs and into the field. AT&T launched HPUE on its network in early 2021 and began marketing HPUE as FirstNet® MegaRangeTM

We build the technology that provides FirstNet customers and mission critical enterprises with the most reliably-connected broadband devices ever. Devices that stay connected even in the most challenging environments. Our solutions extend the range and reach of user devices so that they perform in the most remote areas, and deep inside structures where other devices fail to connect.


Assured Wireless is playing an important role in the evolution of pervasive connectivity among public sector service providers such as police departments, fire and rescue agencies, and the wide spectrum of emergency services organizations.  We believe that an upgrade in communications reliability is the cornerstone that will enable the mission-specific situational awareness apps and services that are being built by next-generation public safety network architects. Assured Wireless Corporation designs pervasive connectivity solutions for the first responder ecosystem with a host of patented, high-power user equipment (HPUE) technology that provides significantly enhanced LTE range, coverage, and data speeds.

Assured Wireless is honored to have been named a 2020 Cool Company by Connect and the San Diego Venture Group.


6 times the power of standard devices


3 times the coverage area of traditional UEs


80% reduction in radio link failures (RLF)