Our Mission: Keep First Responders connected

Public Safety/First Responder agencies are starting to take advantage of the rich capabilities that new dedicated Band 14 wireless broadband wireless network offers.

These new capabilities include:

     - instantaneous situational awareness

     - interagency communications

     - resource tracking and management

     - video conference and broadcasting

     - location/mapping/navigation services

     - biometrics and telemedicine 

But, in order to reach mission-critical levels of communications reliability, it is essential that these new smartphone, tablet, and IoT devices work in even the most remote and difficult areas.  Assured Wireless makes this possible with the highly effective range extension and deep in-building penetration of our REACH RF amplification technology.  Wireless hotspots, routers, smartphones and other similar devices now can stay connected at nearly twice the distance from the base station as well as deep inside underground and concrete structures.

REACH technology is the only available solution offering these benefits without significantly increasing the size, power consumption, or thermal dissipation of user equipment.