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    Reliable, Complete Situational Awareness

    for public safety first responders

    Leveraging the FirstNet Wireless Broadband Network in Amazing Ways

  • Our vision

    The vision of Assured Wireless is to develop technology and products that provide our public safety first responders with the most reliably connected broadband wireless devices that stay connected even in the most challenging environments. Our products extend the range and reach of user devices to work in remote areas and deep inside structures where other devices fail to connect.


    But, highly reliable communications is just part of the solution. Assured Wireless builds this technology into a personal gateway device that provides unmatched situational awareness capabilities and flexible connections.


    New capabilities never before possible are now reliably available to public safety organizations including:

    - instantaneous situational awareness

    - interagency communications

    - resource tracking and management

    - video conference and broadcasting

    - location/mapping/navigation services

    - biometrics and telemedicine

    Longest Range, Most Reliable Broadband Wireless

    Works in even the most remote areas and deep inside large buildings

    It is essential that your wireless communications keep you connected, no matter where the emergency takes you and with Assured Wireless' exclusive technology, you will.

    Unprecedented Situational Awareness

    Automated reporting so first responders can focus on their mission, not on reporting their status

    Video, audio, location, biometrics and asset tracking and management capabilities customized to your specific operational requirements.

  • Meet Our Executive Team

    Our highly skilled team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication. With more than 140 combined years of experience in advanced wireless technologies, executive management, and business development in the global public safety market, the Assured Wireless team is dedicated to providing the most advanced capabilities to our public safety first responders around the world to help them save lives and protect property.

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    Tom Bilotta

    CEO & CTO

    Principal, founder, consultant, you name it, and Tom Bilotta’s done it.


    Tom clings to his serial entrepreneurial roots, bridging the gap between business strategy and technology.


    Tom served in high-level positions at eight high-tech startups and coordinated three successful exits, with cumulative valuations in excess of $170 million. The high-performance teams he led developed many of the world’s firsts in communications and electronics technologies.


    As a key player in multiple tech organizations –TurboNet Communications, Malibu Networks, Rainbow Network Systems, and Nextivity – Tom upped the value of new companies 15-30 times their initial worth in one to three years.


    Tom has always been fascinated by connectivity solutions from the product and business development side, and has publicized his works in multiple wireless and entrepreneurship journals.


    Tom has established himself as an expert as evidenced by the five communications-related patents he wrote and the significant IP analysis he conducted for leading telecommunications companies. He holds an MBA in entrepreneurship from San Diego State University and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.


    Steve Morley


    Steve Morley is a name well-known among startups, mainly because he has been on the board of over a dozen of them (managing over 135 professionals). That doesn’t even begin to cover the wide range of experience.


    Steve’s 21 years in leadership roles sprouted multiple business units from startup to maturity at Qualcomm Incorporated, helping the company grow from 10 to more than 10,000 employees.


    Much of Steve’s early work at Qualcomm is the same leading-edge technology used by Verizon Wireless, Sprint, other cell phone carriers and even NASA. Steve was responsible for growing Qualcomm’s annual product sales from its infancy to $6 million. Now those sales top $15 billion.


    Steve has established himself as an experienced technical and business executive capable of directing companies through the product launch, organizational structure, and operations management to rapidly evolve the corporate growth cycle.

    Steve received a master’s degree from Stanford in electrical engineering, particularly for digital signal processing, and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from University of California, Irvine.

    Bob LaRose

    VP, Business Development


    Bob LaRose received a Philmore cat whisker crystal radio set for Christmas at the age of 10 and that was it. He fell in love with radio.


    He pursued that passion and received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology. However, he soon found more of an interest in the marketing and sales of radio communications systems, especially in developing countries.


    His involvement in marketing and sales led him to management positions in domestic and international companies, like Harris Corporation, STORNO (Denmark), Datron World Communications, and Raytheon/JPS Communications.


    The tragic events of 9/11 introduced Bob to the need for communications interoperability among public safety users; his efforts to fill this void led him into public safety broadband networks for and a place on the Assured Wireless team.


    Bob’s 40-plus years of selling to public safety communications and his experience in various markets created a unique opportunity for him. At Assured Wireless, he brings this experience and enduring relationships to the FirstNet market.

    Ed Lin

    VP, Engineering

    Ed Lin is Assured Wireless’s resident radio frequency wireless technology expert. Developing leading edge technologies in cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other communications products is his forte. He runs the gamut when it comes to his experience.


    In his 24 years, Ed has played a role in companies large and small, fusing innovation with product development to produce cutting-edge technology.


    Ed designed systems for RF Solutions, TurboNet Communications, Public Wireless, Nextivity, Motorola, TV/COM International (Hyundai Electronics) and E-Systems, Inc. (Raytheon) as an electrical engineer.

    Ed is a graduate from Villanova University in Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering with a minor in mathematics and a master’s degree from University of Pennsylvania in electrical engineering.



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